A Transformative Month

31 March 2019

My daughter passed away early this month.

A dear friend remarked “the lion ate the lamb and then stayed.” For me, the lion ate my lamb and then stayed. Every winter that lion tried to get her. She was so close again this year.

Grief is a unique and deeply personal experience. I have been writing in a journal and will share as I transcribe my horrible handwriting. I will lurch forward and back; I expect this will, too.

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10 Years? Really?

When this arrived in my Facebook feed late last year, I am sure I did not feel the warm fuzzy feeling that FB had intended me to feel.

I was rather horrified. 10 years? I had really been using Facebook for 10 years?

I started to think about the clicks and the time. How many? How much? I can’t imagine. Each click a drop in the bucket of the Facebook flood. Even the clicks to hide an ad enriched their “engagement numbers.” In a small, but very real way, I was part of the problem.

That, and many people use FB as a blog anyway. Who hasn’t see a 1,000 word post and said “TLDR” to themselves? Or you have that one friend who has denigrated into a ranty old person.
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