Just Another Day on the CTA

I made a Quality of Life decision this morning and jumped on a Red line train. Anyone who lives here knows what a leap of faith that is. It can be a shelter on rails. It looks like I found a new boyfriend though!

The first car had one person on it. The stench could blister paint. I held my breath, dashed for the door, hit the platform and jumped to the next car. The stench in the second car would have peeled that paint!

So out to the platform. I waited for a Purple line. I caught my usual train, with the usual conductor. I settled in, and started looking at my phone.

As the stations flew by, the car began to fill with smoke. Not just any smoke but the diSTINKtive smell of a spliff….or maybe they call it a joint here. It was that acrid mix of tobacco and marijuana.

So without even trying, I got to I wake and bake TWICE today. As I walked to the train, the regular cloud of smoke lingered over Touhy Park. Those CMSA kids love to chill right before class.

Today’s thrift shop score? Again 100%! Pink J Crew Sweater and a pair of Gap skinny jeans.

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