Jussie Smollett and the People of Rogers Park

In the fall of 2018, we had three unsolved murders in Rogers Park. Two, at point-blank range, occurred over two days in October. Right now, there is $150,000 on the table to solve them. Some reports indicate that’s the highest reward for the suspect in a Chicago crime.

Earlier, a Northwestern graduate student was killed in “gang crossfire” in September. That crime occurred across the street from a bank. He’d lived here only a few days. I planted daffodils at the memorial his family created for him in the little park across the street. They are coming up now.

There has been no discernible movement on any of these cases.

You’d think an actor would have a better command of how to stage something…if in fact he staged it. You’d also think the chief of police in a city the size of mine would know when to use the word “allegedly.”

What bothers me most is that CPD had the resources to “resolve” the Jussie Smollett thing within a few days. Lots of cameras and “good police work” provided the alleged answer in almost no time. Uber helped unlocked the case by providing passenger information.

We have lots of cameras in Rogers Park, too. So many, that some of our residents have pushed back on privacy issues.

Perhaps if Rogers Park was as swanky and desirable of a location as where Mr. Smollett lives, or if even one of our three victims had been famous, our more serious crimes might have been solved already, too.


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