Hello From the Other Side

I got up from my seat on the train and headed toward the door. A woman tapped me on the back, handed me a lovely pink box, adorned with a tiny pink rose bow and ribbon. “You left this on the seat.” In my commuter daze, I took it and murmured “thank you.”

Then I was a little wracked with guilt. The guy next to me must have left the box on the seat. I recalled he was a big guy, wearing an orange coat. I spotted him ahead of me and quickly caught up with him. “Did you leave this on the train?” his responded with a gruff “No.”

I took it to the Lost and Found. The attendant told me to keep it. Maybe it was the end of the shift and logging it would have been the last straw. Sometimes at work that one last thing can ruin your whole night.

Finders keepers apparently. It was meant for me.

I rushed home and opened the box. It was a sweet, sandalwood fan; the ribs adorned with delicate flowers. They are popular party favors at weddings and other celebrations. Very sweet!

I folded it and put it in the box. I fed Max. I started my dinner. Adele’s Hello From the Other Side played on my Ipad.

Then it hit me…

Mother’s Day was in a few days. My first without my first child.

I really think the fan was from Clair!

Sandalwood FanMy reasons? Well, first the song Hello From the Other Side. Really? She also loved Adele. She Chinatown-it was her favorite field trip. She loved riding the L. She loved pink. I also love pink. She knew I am an avid fan user (not just an admirer) and that I appreciated the sturdy sandalwood ones especially.Finally, when she was in the hospital the last time I used my sandalwood comb to slowly smooth her curls. I also regret not keeping one of her dear curls for myself.

I do not care if it’s merely many coincidences.  It makes me happy to see it in my accessory basket. I cannot wait for summer so I can use my beautiful and practical fan.

I will think of the lovely randomness of life every time I use it!