And the Winner Is…

You might have read my french press rant a few weeks ago.

I’ve been limping along, trying to find the right coffee maker online. Shopping was a bust. BBB was especially bad. They have little in stock. The store serves mostly as a showcase for the more expensive merchandise!

The last straw with the french press came Friday. I went to the dentist for my semi-annual cleaning. He asked me if I had started smoking! After a 25 year love affair with cigarettes, I haven’t smoked in over 30 years! There was only ONE reason.

I had to solve this coffee dilemma THIS weekend. So I headed to Target to see things in person. I have to say, I hope we never lose real stores. I see proportion much better in person!

And the Winner is ……
Bodum Pour Over!

This cutie makes delicious coffee, in a simple way. I don’t feel like I’m mixing a Commonwealth at 6am.  The water boils and you pour it over the ground coffee. THAT’S IT!!

It has a tiny footprint, too.  Plus it looks like a hipster sporting a fedora; or a weepul designed to encourage tourists to visit the Swiss Alps.

And you can’t beat the Swiss at clear and concise warnings, either…

I think my mornings are going to be less complicated. Again.

I am feeling better already.

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