The Joys of Standing on the CTA


I often get offered a seat on the CTA. I usually take it.

Today, though I said “No Thank You.” I’ve been standing more lately; it really is a perfect opportunity to exercise my balance skills. I’m not good at standing and “phoning” either, so it maximizes my time off social media, too.

The purple line traces the east side of the northside, basically hugging the lakefront until it turns around in the Loop to make it’s return. Along the way, there are many Chicago landmarks. One of my favorite is Graceland Cemetery. Nicknamed “The Cemetery of Architects” some of my favorite people from history have their final resting place at Graceland. It also boasts some of the nation’s most beautiful monuments. I used to take my late daughter there often, so it is full of warm personal memoirs for me, too.

I love to watch the seasons change at Graceland. The east side of the cemetery is a nature preserve, with native plantings. I have seen rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, possum and of course the ubiquitous flock of geese. A host of predatory birds, too. For an “urban jungle” we have lots of wild animals!

Today I added another memory. As we pulled out of the station and passed along to back edge of Graceland a flash if tan caught my eye. I saw a coyote! a very well-fed coyote!

I am very happy I refused that seat and even more happy that I wasn’t sucked deep into my phone.