Chicago Women’s Club

I started this back in April. The course of research is often a serious rabbit hole. It’s worse when working without a deadline for you have the leisure to make strands into ropes. Today, though I found the knot at the end of it. Or so I thought…

A few months ago, I pulled out a small Hollinger box of vintage paper I’d been saving. I hoped each would find a home on Ebay or Etsy. I listed some. They went nowhere. The slick, grey box looks chic and minimalist. It lives under my coffee table.

Today I took another look….

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“Honoring” Women with Art

So this mural was unveiled last November. It’s intent was to honor women. Every time I walk by it I get a little perturbed.

First, the mural is buried on a seldom-used alley behind the Cultural Center. Garland Court is used as a loading dock for events at the Cultural Center. As if women’s accomplishments have not been hidden enough! As if the “dark alley” does not carry a powerfully sinister message to every woman on the world.

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